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Customized Cold Water Safety
& Survival Training

If you could provide training for all your employees that would help them avoid, or deal with, a cold-water emergency situation while on the job, would you? Do you believe in providing your staff and clients with safety training? Do your students spend time on or near the water? If you answered yes to any of these questions, AMSEA can help!

AMSEA offers custom-designed, hands-on cold-water and vessel safety courses to meet the specific needs of the participants, whether recreational boaters, commercial fishers, private business or government agency personnel, children or others who work or boat in marine or freshwater environments.

Raytheon Polar Services’s Ocean Search and Rescue team at Palmer Station, Antarctica practicing skills they learned in customzied AMSEA training in Gunnison, CO


Courses range from short workshops to week-long classes and can be arranged by contacting AMSEA.

Examples of courses offered:

  • Training to meet U.S. Coast Guard requirements for on-board emergency drills on commercial fishing vessels
  • Basic cold water safety and survival
  • Emergency procedures for recreational boaters
  • Safety and survival for research vessel staff
  • Vessel safety for oil spill response personnel
  • Cold water safety and survival for search and rescue personnel
  • Shore survival for children and/or adults.
  • Coastal navigation

Course topics may include:

  • Use of PFDs and Immersion Suits
  • Deployment and Use of Liferafts
  • Sea Survival
  • Shore Survival
  • Distress Signals
  • Cold Water Survival Skills
  • Helicopter Rescue
  • Hypothermia Prevention and Treatment
  • Firefighting
  • Flooding and Damage Control
  • Abandon Ship Procedures
  • Water Search and Rescue
  • Boating Safety
  • Vessel Stability
  • Coastal Navigation
  • On-Board Emergency Drills
  • Risk Assessment
  • Methods of Instruction
  • Other Topics To Meet the Needs of Individual Groups

Contact AMSEA to discuss pricing and your training needs!