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AMSEA's training is provided by a network of volunteer and career instructors who have completed an AMSEA Marine Safety Instructor Training (MSIT) course. More than 1,000 instructors have been trained to deliver AMSEA's unique, hands-on style of cold water safety education and training. AMSEA courses are designed for commercial fishermen, school children, recreational boaters and anyone spending time on or near bodies of cold water.

If you are interested in taking an AMSEA training course, look over the course descriptions and calendar of upcoming courses and contact us for more information or to register.

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Marine Safety Instructor Training and Commercial Fishing Vessel Safety Instructor Training are two slightly different versions of AMSEA's premier train-the-trainer course.

Onboard Drills Courses, both 10-hour and 18-hour versions, are designed to meet USCG requirements for commercial fishermen. They are valuable for other mariners as well.

Upright & Watertight, an eight-hour commercial fishing vessel stability and damage control course.

AMSEA provided various different courses for Alaska's recreational and subsistence boaters.

Outdoor Survival Educators Workshops are designed for teachers and others who work with children.

AMSEA courses can also be customized to meet the needs of boaters and the boating practices of a specific area or industry. Learn more about Customized Cold Water Safety & Survival Training.

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Videos Of AMSEA Training Events

Survival Training For Commercial Fishermen - from the Cannon Beach [Oregon] Gazette, June 11, 2012:


Commercial Fishing Safety & Survival Training - from the Daily Astorian [Oregon], May 30, 2012:


Seventh grade students from Blatchley Middle School in Sitka, Alaska, learn cold water and wilderness safety from AMSEA, the U.S. Coast Guard and Sitka Mountain Rescue - from KCAW [Sitka, AK], Feb. 29, 2012:


May 2012 - Customized small boat training by AMSEA in Woods Hole, Massachusetts for POLARFIELD, the Arctic Logistics Provider for the National Science Foundation studies: